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Your beach front Hawaiian getaway is just minutes away from being a reality! 

  • Located away from the crowds in beautiful Punaluu Punaluu
  • You pick the view, mountains or beach! Wrap Around Lanai!
  • Our unit is all the way to the right - on an upper floor! Best view in town! Pat's From The Beach
  • Be greeted each morning with a tropical sunrise! Sunrise in Paradise!
  • A shot of the beach right in front of the building. You are literally just an elevator ride and walk across the grass away from the pacific! The Beach
  • Probably the best feature is the view. Just amazing. Lanai View
  • This unique unit offers a wide open corner view of the beach and mountains! Unique End Unit!
  • I prefer to sleep in the day beds out front. If they are a little too firm for you, I have provided memory foam pads in the closet for you to use. Day Beds
  • If all else fails, you can just sit down on the lanai, relax and enjoy the view. Worst Case Scenario
  • This is my favorite spot at the end of the day! When the trade winds are blowing, its amazing. Lanai
  • Most other places are blocks from the water at best. We are right on the beach! Ocean Front
  • Full length mirror - you gotta do that last minute check before you head out the door... right? Bedroom
  • A clothes washer and dryer is included. You will also find some beach chairs and boogie boards in the closet. Bedroom and Laundry
  • The kitchen includes a cooktop, oven, microwave, coffee maker, toaster and fridge. Everything you need!
  • A queen size bed - not a futon, not a couch that turns into a bed, a proper bed! Bedroom
  • As an end unit, others will not be wandering by. This gives a little extra privacy. Privacy
  • The day beds and dining area for four are located in the front room. Also a TV with DVD player for any down time. Front Room
  • Everything you need to make your own meals and save a little on your tropical vacation! Full Kitchen
  • Plenty of sunshine in this corner unit! Front Room
  • Walk in shower 1 Bathroom
  • The evenings are amazing! Take a moonlight walk on the beach. Moonrise



Accommodates 4

A queen sized bed and two twin day beds for a comfortable nights sleep!

Full Kitchen!

Keep the expenses down with the full kitchen to prepare meals!

Secure Building

All doors and elevators into the building are secured by a key ring dongle.


Short elevator ride and walk to the beach! Any closer and you would be wet.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate Hawaiian getaway!

Tropical Palm TreeYou have wisely decided that the place for you is the tropical serenity of the Hawaiian Islands! Now you need to decide what that really means. I have been returning to Hawaii for decades for probably the same reasons you want to go there now. No place I have ever been can more quickly re-charge my biological battery than the Windward side of Oahu – that’s the opposite side of the island from Honolulu. The pace on the windward side is slower, you might call it Hawaiian Country Living. You don’t need to send your son or daughter down to the beach to stake your claim to a 4 foot by 4 foot section of sand. You won’t find yourself discovering that your hotel room has a view of the hotel across the street. No vendors are going to hand you fliers for one of thousands of tourist traps. You won’t find shoulder to shoulder crowds virtually everywhere you try to go. On the windward side, you leave all that behind.

Over on this side of the island, you are going to find the kind of Hawaiian Experience that most people dream of. Soothing trade winds, the occasional tropical rain fall, clean and crowd free beaches all accompanied by the tune of the surf. After all, you are going to a tropical island. Why stay in what is basically the same city you left, just plopped down on the leeward side of Oahu? You want that tropical experience – and that is what I want to deliver!

  • The Beach : If you are going to visit a tropical island, you want the beach, right? Well, you got it. This property is located right on the water. All that there is between you and dipping your toes in the pacific is about 50 feet of lawn and sand and a 6 story ride in an elevator! We could have cut the time down by installing a zip line from your lanai to the beach, but the homeowners association would not allow it. Party poopers.
  • Protected Coastline : A mile or so offshore is a reef. This makes the beach nice and calm – perfect for swimming, snorkeling or just enjoying the warm tropical waters – particularly for younger children who might not be ready to take on the typical Hawaiian surf. You can swim out and observe the sea life that swims just feet from the beach.
  • The View : What about when it’s time to relax a little? Maybe you spent your first day enjoying a little too much sun and you need to get some relief for that nasty sun burn. That should not mean you cannot enjoy the reason you came to this tropical paradise – right? From this corner unit on the 6th floor – you have the widest and most sweeping view possible of not only the beach as it stretches off to the horizon to the north and the south, you also get a great view of those majestic Hawaiian mountain ranges. All from the comfort of your lanai (that’s what they call a balcony in Hawaii). So take a seat and continue to enjoy the view – right from the condo – all 270 degrees of it!

    Panoramic View

    A panoramic shot of the 270 degree view from the lanai – looking to the west on the left, north in the middle, all the way to the south on the right.

  • The Surf : Okay, so maybe you are not the kind of vacationer who likes to hang out in the room – or even stay in any one place too long. If you are the more active type, or an experienced surfer, you can enjoy all that Hawaiis North Shore has to offer. Yes, we are talking about THAT North Shore. You know, the one that has been immortalized and celebrated in movies, Beach Boys songs and professional surfing events for decades! You are just about 30 minutes away from the best the North Shore has to offer! Not an experienced surfer? No worries, there are some great locals who teach surfing classes near the North Shore – I can totally hook you up!
  • Accommodates 4 : Let’s take a second to talk about what “Accommodate” means. For me, that means being able to eat, sleep and relax in comfort. You are not going to find any futons or couches that unfold into a “bed”. There is one queen and two twin sized day beds. The two twin beds also serve as couches during the day, but in this case they are beds serving as couches, not couches serving as beds. Nothing finishes off a great day at Hanauma Bay or the Polynesian Cultural Center better than a good nights sleep – so I make sure you have comfortable beds to come home to.
  • The Layout : The condo was originally set up as a studio, but has been modified so that there is a bedroom area that is separated from the living room by the kitchen. It’s an open floor plan to allow for air flow, so there is no door separating the bedroom area. There is one bathroom. For your comfort, there are also two ceiling fans installed to help keep things cool.
  • Kitchen : The kitchen has everything you need to prepare your daily meals. There are two supermarkets near by where you can stock up on whatever you would like for your stay. It includes an electric cook top, oven, sink with garbage disposal, coffee maker, microwave oven, toaster, blender and all the cookware, glasses, plates and bowls you are likely to need. There is no dishwasher, so those you will need to wash by hand. The kitchen is a utilitarian affair – but it gets the job done!
  • Television and DVD player : A television with basic local cable is provided, including a DVD player for you to play any movies you may have brought along. If you have children, you know how handy this will be during your down time.
  • Some gear for the fun! : I try to keep a decent selection of useful items for your visits to the beach. This includes fins, snorkels, masks, sand chairs, buckets and shovels for sand castles – maybe even a boogie board or two. For any other gear you might want to acquire, there are stores nearby where you will be able to find what you need.
  • Destinations to choose from! : Oahu has a great deal to offer. You can visit the Polynesian Cultural Center located just a few minutes up the road to the north. Turn toward the south and you can visit Kualoa Ranch for horse back riding, zip lining, ATV riding, nature tours and tons more – they also made Jurassic Park and other movies on their 4000 acre property. If you really want to at least sample the crowded and more tourist focused side of the island, Waikiki is just about an hours drive away. There really are tons of options. I do my best to keep a useful list at the condo for you – but you can also see more by checking out the local attractions listed on this site.
  • Washer/Dryer : A washer and dryer are included so that you can visit with a minimum of luggage! When I am visiting, I usually just bring a single carry on with only 2 or 3 days worth of what I need. Being able to do the laundry while you are there just makes traveling that much easier!
  • Secured Building : The building where this condo is located provides key pass access only. So if you want to use the elevators or access the stair wells, you have to have the security dongle to do so. This gives an added level of security and provides some peace of mind.